September 9, 1845 Article 1


             The troops belonging to the 5th Regiment of Infantry, which arrived here on Sunday, leave to-morrow, it is understood, for Corpus Christi.


“The fact is, that Gen. Gaines has acted without orders, and, be his motives as pure as they may, they cannot exempt him frm the censure of the Executive.  The command of the “army of observation” was given to Gen. Taylor, and Gen. Gaines out never to have meddled with his command.”


The above is from the Union of the 30th ult.  It will not shake in the least the universal confidence of the South in the disinterested patriotism of the old soldier.  In an emergency, which was very generally thought an alarming one for our troops in Texas, he stepped boldly forward for their protection.  People might not stop to ask if he complied with all the minutiae of military etiquette.  They will look for his motives, which none impeach.




Since our last publication there has been another arrival here of United States troops, from Detroit, via the river.  They are on their way to Texas.  The Bee furnishes us with the following list of the officers of the respective companies:

Capt. E. R. Smith, commanding company H, 5th regiment;

Capt. J. Lynde, of company F;

Capt. J. L. Thompson, of company D;

Capt. C. C. Libley, of company E;

Surgeon R. C. Wood;

1st Lieut. R. B. Marcy, A. C. S. and A. A. Q. M.;

2d Lieut. G. Deas, Adjutant;

1st Lt. J. H. Whipple, of company G;

1st Lt. N. B. Russell, of company H;

2d Lieut. S. H. Fowler of company F;

2d Lieut. P. Sugenbell, of company D;

2d Lieut. M. Rosencrantz, of company E;

Brevet 2d Lieut. T. J. Wood, Top. Engineers.


Our acknowledgments are due the Hon. John Hemphill, a member of the Texan Convention, for public documents.


Source: The Daily Picayune, September 9, 1845, p. 2, col. 1.

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