September 4, 1845



The Charleston Courier of the 28th ult. Contains the following paragraphs:


Company A, 3d Artillery, arrived at this port yesterday morning in the steamer Gladiator, from Smithville, N. C., on their way to Aransas Bay, Texas, under command of the following officers:  – Capt. Geo. Taylor, Commanding; Asst. Surgeon A. F. Sluter; 1t Lieut. Wm. Gilham; 2d Lieut. G. W. Ayres.


We understand that the steamer Cincinnati, Capt. Smith, has been chartered to take the two companies, a and I, of the 3d Regt. Artillery, to Aransas Bay, Texas.


Source: The Daily Picayune, September 3, 1845, p. 2, col. 2.


Naval.  —   The Norfolk papers mention that orders were received there on the 24th ultimo changing the destination of the frigate Congress from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.  The Congress is to relieve the Potomac, now in a leaky condition at Pensacola.  This latter ship has been ordered to Norfolk, and her crew is to be transferred to the frigate Columbia.  Capt. Stockton is to proceed to the Gulf of Mexico as soon as the Congress is manned.  The following officers have been ordered to this ship:


Commander, Samuel F. du Pont; Lieuts., Jno. W. Livingston, J. F. Schenck, R. L. Tilghman, W. S. Drayton, H. Eld, W. Gwathmey; Master, V. R. Morgan; Surgeon, S. Moseley; Passed Assistant Surgeon, John S. Whittle; Assistant Surgeon, Charles Eversfield.


A detachment of thirty marines, under charge of Lieut. Kinsing, for the Congress, arrived at Norfolk from Baltimore on the 24th.


The U. S. schooner Onkayhye, Lieut. Com’t Sinclair, at Norfolk has received orders to sail immediately for Texas.


The U. S. ship Jamestown was at Madeira July 5th – all well.


Military. — The Missouri Reporter of the 27th ultimo says that the 1st regiment of U. S. Dragoons has arrived at Fort Leavenworth, and that it will probably be ordered to Texas immediately.


The Norolk Herald informs us that the battalion of Artillery ordered from Fort Monroe, to join the army in Texas, consists of companies G, E, I and D – 250 rank and file.


The officers are — Brevet Major John Monroe, Brevet Major Wm. W. Morris, Captain J. B. Scott, Assistant Surgeon J. B. Wells; First Lieuts. R. Smead, E. Deas, J. C. Pemberton, and E. Bradford; Second Lieuts. M. Lovell, E. Whiting, J. Gill, J. P. Johnstone, and J. R. Reynolds.


All the officers attached to the battalion, now absent on detached service, are ordered to join their companies here or in Texas.


The barque Bachelor and Phenix (the vessels chartered to take the troops to Texas) were expected to sail on the 20th ult.  Full parks of artillery will be carried out with the battalion.


The patriotic citizens of St. Louis are proceeding rapidly in raising regiments of volunteers, with a view of offering their services to the Government, in the event of a war with Mexico.  On the 5th ult. The following companies assembled for the election of officers for such a regiment: —

The Missouri Dragoons, a cavalry company, commanded by Capt. Fischer.

The Fusiliers, commanded by Capt. Schoenthaler.

The Jackson Guards, commanded by Capt. Magner.

The Riflemen, commanded by Capt. Schaefer.

The Missouri Artillery, having two brass cannon, commanded by Lieut. Anzerg.


Major Lewis V. Bogy was elected Colonel; Capt. Frederick Welker was elected Lieutenant Colonel.  The place of Major was left open for the purpose of permitting the new companies that will be raised to select that officers.


In addition to the above, the St. Louis Republican contains the follows: —

We understand that is in contemplation to get up other regiments of volunteers, if authority for that purpose is given by the President.  A regiment of border men and trappers, to operate against New Mexico, is proposed by the gentleman, and authority has been asked for this purpose.  Another gentleman has asked a similar authority; and in either case, so far as concerns the raising of the men, and the performance of any duty imposed upon them, they may be relied upon to meet the emergency.

It is also understood that Major W. S. Stewart has signified to the Governor that the “Legion” is ready to obey his commands, should any requisition be made upon him for troops from this State.


Capt. Cram, the superintendent of the improvement of St. Louis harbor, has left that city, under orders for Texas.


Source: The Daily Picayune, September 4, 1845, p. 2, col. 3.

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