September 2, 1845




More Recruits. — By reference to the report (in another column) of Col. James H. Dakin, commanding the regiment of Louisiana Volunteers, addressed to Lieut. Col. L. E. Forstall, it will be seen that the former announces, agreeably to Brigade Order No. 9, dated the 21st ult., that his regiment has recently recruited, and now consists of ten companies and six hundred men, ready to be mustered into the service of the United States, to ser in Texas or elsewhere.  This is almost unequalled despatch, and speak well not only of our gallant citizens, but also of Col. Dakin and his efficient officers.



The French brig of war Griffon was to have sailed from Pensacola yesterday morning.  The papers of that city make no mention as yet of the departure of the Falmouth, but they confirm what we said of the sailing of the sloop of war John Adams and brig Porpose on a cruise down the Gulf.  The course of Commodore Conner has not yet transpired.  The latest rumor is that he will remove his flag to the Falmouth, and sail immediately.



There have been some important movement of troops since our last, which we annex: Company A of the 2d Regiment of Flying Artillery, numbering sixty rank and file with a complete battery of ten guns, sailed from New York on the 22d ult. In the transport Pacific, chartered by the Government, for St. Joseph’s Island, Bay of Aransas.


The same day one hundred marines from the Brooklyn Navy Yard left for Norfolk, en route for Texas.


On the 21st ult. The schooner Maria M. Clotts, cleared at Newport for Pensacola with U. S. Troops.


The following is from the Charleston Courier of the 27th ult:  – Companies A and I, 3d Artillery, are ordered to Aransas Bay, Texas, and will sail in a few days, from this port.  Brevet Lieut. Col. Childs, in command, Surgeon Hawkins, Captains Burke and Taylor, and Lieuts. Churchill, Gilham, Ayers and Killbum.


Source: The Daily Picayune, September 2, 1845, p. 2, col. 1.


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