March  5, 1846




By the ___________ of yesterday we received private advise from Pensacola, announcing the arrival there, on the evening of the 1st inst., of the U. S. brig Lawrence from Vera Cruz in eleven days.  Unfortunately we received no papers by this arrival, but our correspondent informs that there had been no change in affairs in Mexico.  A letter from Vera Cruz dated the 18th ult., from a most responsible source, induces us to believe confidently, that nothing like a revolution has occurred in Mexico since the 1st of Feb., up to which day we have had advices by way of Havana.  The Lawrence brought despatches to the Government from our Minister, Mr. Slidell.  This gentleman was still at Jalapa awaiting instructions from Washington.


The U. S. brig Somers was to sail from Pensacola on the 2nd inst. for Vera Cruz.


From letters received in this city, other than our own, it would seem that Mr. Slidell left the city of Mexico on the 17th January, as we have previously stated.  One letter states that he was at Jalapa, quietly awaiting despatches from our Government at Washington, where he would remain until such documents were received as might determine his course.  One of our Pensacola letter states that he was much disgusted with the treatment he had received at the hands of the Mexican Government.


Another letter states that there was great reason to believe that Mr. Slidell’s treatment had been such as must lead to hard blows with Mexico.  The writer says that the course of the leading men of Mexico had been of a nature most outrageous in the matter of the reception of a Minister from this country – so outrageous, that no other recourse than a resort to war was left us.  The writer thinks that it must be declared immediately.


We have all along thought it the proper course for our Government to bring the matters at issue with Mexico to an immediate settlement; and the reports received yesterday, should they prove true, would make the duty still more imperative.  If the Mexicans will not settle with us, we must settle with them.


Source: The Daily Picayune, March 5, 1846, p. 2, col. 3.


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