March  21, 1846


Later from Corpus Christi. — We yesterday received the Corpus Christi Gazette of the 12th inst., one day later.


The Army theatre had been closed and torn down.  Should the army succeed in effecting a quiet settlement on the frontier, it was thought that the theatre, like other indispensable baggage, would folow.  The actors had reaped a rich harvest at Corpus Christi.


Only sixty soldiers had been interred at the Soldier’s burial ground during the occupation of Corpus Christi by the army.


The U. S. brig Porpoise arrived at Aransas on the evening of the 11th from Vera Cruz, with despatches for Gen. Taylor from Mr. Slidell.  They were at once forwarded to Gen. T. by express.


News had been received at Corpus Christi from Tamaulipas, which would indicate that a revolutionary movement was brewing in that Mexican State against Paredes.  Arista was at his hacienda near Monterey on the 21st ult.


Source: The Daily Picayune, March 21, 1846, p. 2, col. 2.

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