March  17, 1846 Article 1


Important Report.


We learn by an extract from a letter, received by a commercial house yesterday from Galveston, and dated on the 14th inst., that the schr. Mary Shields, from Matamoros bound to New York, put into Galveston a few days since in distress.  The captain reports the American Consul at Matamoros, J. P. Schatzell, Esq., in prison at that place, accused by the authorities of corresponding with Gen. Taylor at Corpus Christi.  In addition to this, we learn verbally that a Mexican who was the bearer of despatches from Mr. S. at Matamoros, to Gen. Taylor at Corpus Christi, had been shot by the authorities at the former place on his return.  It is also said that 8000 Mexican troops are stationed there.


There was a rumor in town yesterday, to the effect that Mr. Slidell himself had been thrown into prison, but this undoubtedly took its rise from the above.  Should it turn out that Mr. Schatzell has really been incarcerated at Matamoros, Gen. Taylor cannot reach the vicinity of that city with too great speed.  We have heard of several overt acts committed by the Mexicans of late – one of which was the shooting of a young American trader named Burney, at Perote, on the principal ground that he was in Texas during her early struggle for liberty – and now it is stated that one of our Consuls has been thrown into prison on no other plea than that he has been in correspondence with Gen. Taylor.  We have said so often that our Government should come to some understanding with Mexico – should have a full and final settlement with her of all difficulties – that we have become sick of the subject.  Granted that Mexico is weak, powerless – yet no one can allow a snarling puppy to be continually snapping at his heels without kicking him out of the way at last.


Source: The Daily Picayune, March 17, 1846, p. 2, col. 2.



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