July 22, 1845




More of the Movement of our Troops.


We have been favored with a letter from one of the brave officers of that favorite regiment of the West, the 2d regiment of Dragoons, dated Fort Jesup, July 17.  He informs us that seven companies of the regiment, under command of Col. Twiggs, are there prepared to take up the line of march overland for Corpus Christi, as soon as they are officially informed of the passage of the Annexation Resolution by the Texan Convention.  He goes on to say:  ---


“The command, consisting of seven companies of Dragoons, will number about 450 men.  A train of about sixty public wagons will accompany us on the march, for the transportation of supplies.  Our indefatigable quartermaster, Capt. O. Cross, has exerted unusual energy in his preparations for the route; and all the difficulties that danced so merrily in the imaginations of some of the well-wishers of the 2d Dragoons in Washington have vanished ere they have been fairly grappled with.


“Amongst the preparations for our entrance into Texas, and not the least important either, is the arrangement, by our distinguished band instructor, Cioffi, of an “Annexation March and Quickstep,” to be performed by the 2d Dragoon band upon the occasion of the planting of the American flag upon the western bank of the Sabine.


“As a list of the officers of the 2d Dragoons about to proceed on this march may not prove uninteresting to yourself and your readers, it is subjoined, for the double purpose of keeping their friends informed of their movements, and to inform them that letters will be received by any of those named with the greatest degree of certainty, if they are post-paid, and directed to ‘Corpus Christi, Texas – care of the U. S. Quartermaster, New Orleans.’


Field and Staff.

Col. J. E. Twiggs, 2d Dragoons.

Major T. T. Fauntleroy, 2d Dragoons

Adjutant H. H. Sibley, 2d Dragoons

Quartermaster – Capt. O. Cross.

Com. Of Subsistence – Bvt. Capt. R. A. Arnold, 2d Dragoons.

Surgeon – W. L. Wharton.

Assistant Surgeon – George Buist.

Topographical Engineer – A. Geo. Stevens, 2d Dragoons.



Captains  -- W. M. Fulton, (B);  C. Ker, (K);  Seth Thornton, (F);  C. A. May, (E);

N. W. Hunter, (H); L. P. Graham, (D);  W. J. Hardee, ©.

First Lieutenants – O. P. Ransom, (K);  A. Lowry, (B);  W. H. Saunders, (C);

Fowler Hamilton, (H);  O. F. Winship, (D).

Second Lieutenants – R. P. Campbell, ();  William Steele, (H);  Lewis Neill, (B);

R. H. Anderson, (D);  George T. Mason, (C)

Brevet 2d Lieut’s. – J. H. Whittlesey, (D); Augustus Cook, (F).


First Lieut. Juge, 2d Dragoons, will be left in command of this post, in charge of the sick, &c. &c.”




Since the above was in type, we learn from the captain of the steamboat Champlain, that he took down and landed on Sunday morning, at the mouth of Red River, a detachment of 71 men of the above regiment.  They will join the seven companies at Fort Jesup, and proceed with them to Corpus Christi.


Source:  The Daily Picayune, July 22, 1845.



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