January 6, 1846


The this arrival we received the Corpus Christi Gazette of the 1st inst., a new and spirited paper just started by Bangs & Fletcher.


We see that a new wagon road has been opened from Corpus Christi to San Antonio and Castroville, and a regular line of wagons for the transportation of goods is about to be started.



Hart & Wells are doing an excellent business at the Union theatre, and another threatre has been constructed by the officers of the army.  In addition, we see that a daguerreo-typist has arrived, that ten-pin alleys and billiard rooms are in full blast, that a race course has been made, and that they are shortly expecting the arrival of acompany of bull-fighters — torrcadores, picadores, matadores, and all — from Mexico.  Of a verity, our Corpus Christi friends will soon be tolerably well off in the way of amusements.


Source:   The Daily Picayune, January 6, 1846, p. 2, col. 3.


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