February 27, 1846


Later from Texas. — By the arrival yesterday of the steamship New York, Capt. Phillips, we have Galveston dates up to the 22d inst.


According to the Civilian, the enterprise of making an Artesian well at Galveston is still going on, and with good probabilities of success.  In the same paper we find the following:


“Galveston is still improving with undiminished steadiness and rapidity.  A large number of substantial new buildings are in progress – confidence in the prosperity of the city is unabated, and new settlers are coming in daily.  It is gratifying to know that the interior of the country is filing up with a hardy and industrious population with equal rapidity.  The success of the town depends in a great degree upon that of the country, and the latter is certain., whenever industry can be brought to act upon the inexhaustable resources of our prolific soil.”


The news from the interior of Texas is unimportant – all appears to be quiet on the frontiers.


From St. Joseph’s Island. — We have seen a letter from St. Joseph’s Island, dated the 13th instant.  But two companies had then moved toward the Rio Grande, their purpose being to reconnoitre.  The main body expected to start about the 20th instant for Brazos Santiago.


There were rumors on the Island relative to the Mexicans fortifying the Point Isabella, but their authenticity was uncertain.


Capt. Rogers, of the brig Apalachicola, has been appointed Government Pilot for the Brazos bar.


The following vessels were at St. Josephs: bark Casilda, brig swan, and schr. Arispe – all discharging; the schrs. Tarry, Louisiana, Ellen and Clara, Decatur, and Atlantic and Aurora, were also lying there.  The schr Lavinia had just arrived; the Enterprise and Florinda were ready for sea.


Capt. Tompkins, of the schr. Pulaski, from Mobile, loaded with lumber, committed suicide on the 12th instant by cutting his throat.  No motive is assigned for the act, and he bore the name of being a very correct man.


Source: The Daily Picayune, February 27, 1846, p. 2, col. 1.



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