February 20, 1846


Latest from Corpus Christi.  — By an arrival yesterday we have dates from Corpus Christi two days later than before received.  The following letter would induce the belief that Arista has really started a revolutionary movement.  For ourselves, we hear so many stories that we hardly know what to believe in relation to Arista, and must wait arrivals direct from Mexico to unravel the mystery.  We give the letter of a Corpus Christi correspondent in full:


Corpus Christi, Feb. 14, 1846.


We have positive orders to move to the Rio Grande, but when, it is not know.  Col. Cavallo, an agent of Gen. Arista, is here, endeavoring to persuade Gen. Taylor not to advance upon the Rio Grande; for he says if he does, Arista’s party will rise and join Paredes, whereas if Gen. T. maintains his present position he, Arista, can carry out the revolution he has started.  Another emissary, probably of Paredes, an alcalde, tells Gen. T. that all is peace on the Rio Grande, and that the Mexicans are looking for the American troops to advance for their protection.


The camp is full of all sorts of rumors.  One thing is almost certain, we move to the Rio Grande: when, nobody knows.


Yours in the chaparral,                        



Source: The Daily Picayune, February 20, 1846, p. 2, col. 2.



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