December 27, 1845


The Times at Corpus Christi. — We have received two or three letters from the U. S. Camp at Corpus Christi, and gather a few items which may be of interest.


We have already spoken of the unusual severity of the weather, and of the great suffering among the troops at Corpus Christi.  One writer informs us that the Mexicans, when asked the cause, say that the “cold weather has been brought by the regiments from the North.”  The “oldest inhabitant” of the place gives it up that it is the coldest snap he has ever experienced.  Barrel chimnies had been erected among the tents, mounds of sand thrown against them, while the sides and tops had been covered with chaparral, a species of thorny bush very common in Western Texas and Mexico, and the soldiers were more comfortable.  One of the Northers had blown an immense number of red fish, sheeps-head, a well as the largest green turtle, ashore – more than the entire command, near 5000 men, could eat.


A new hotel, called the “Kinney House,” has been built at Corpus Christi.  One of our correspondents informs us that they only ask 12-1/2 cents for a cigar, American at that, at the new house.


Hart has opened a theatre and was playing to crowded houses nightly.  They were much in want of a circus, and it was thought that one would be well patronized.  Plenty of money among the soldiers, and in the absence of amusements much of it was falling into the hands of the professional gamblers of the neighborhood.


Source: The Daily Picayune, December 27, 1845, p. 2, col. 1.


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