December 18, 1845


From Corpus Christi . ---  We have late dates from the “Army of Occupation” at Corpus Christi.  All was quiet there.  An obituary notice, announcing the death of Lt. Col. Hoffman, of the 7th Infantry, will be found in our columns of to-day.


Tribute of Respect.


At a meeting of the Officers of the 7th Regiment of Infantry, stationed at Camp near Corpus Christi, Texas, convened on the death of Lieut. Col. William Hoffman, of that Regiment, on the 26th November 1845, Major Jacob Brown, 7th Infantry, being called to the Chair, and Lieut. F. N. Page, Adj’t 7th Infantry, appointed Secretary, the following resolutions were adopted: --


Resolved, That we deeply lament the death of Lieut. Col. Wm. Hoffman, whose high moral qualities, united with a remarkably amiable disposition, gained for him the respect and love of all under his command; and by this melancholy event his regiment and the service generally have been deprived of an officer, who through a long period of military service, commencing in the late war with Great Britain, was distinguished by an exemplary discharge of the duties pertaining to the various grade through which he has passed.


Resolved, That our most sincere condolence is offered to the bereaved widow, and relations of the deceased, who may console themselves with the purity of his life and calmness and Christian resignation which marked his final departure; for as he had lived a virtuous life, he gave it up with apparent con-ciousness that to the world to come he would meet its reward.


Resolved, That the usual military badge of mourning be worn by the officers of the regiment for thirty days.


Resolved, That these proceedings be forwarded to the family of the deceased, and that copies be furnished for insertion in the Washington Union, National Intelligencer and New Orleans Picayune.


J. Brown, Major 7th Inf., Presidnet.

Francis N. Page, Adjt. 7th Inf., Sec’y.


Source:  Daily Picayune, December 18, 1845, p. 2, col. 6.; and December 19, 1845, p. 2, col. 6.


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