August 27, 1845 Article 1



Despatch. — The steamer Undine left Cincinnati on the 28th June last, entirely new, and arrived at New Orleans on the 4th July.  She started for Lake Pontchartrain on the 5th – arrived on the 7th – made 19 trips across the Lake, was then chartered by the U. S. Government for 30 days, and left for Aransas Bay in Texas on the 22d; she performed her service and returned to this port yesterday – all in the lapse of 58 days.  The distance performed has been 4,410 miles; time when not running, 16 days.  We derive these facts from Capt. Grice, and they prove conclusively that he is in command of a craft wonderfully “sharp set” for going ahead.  The Undine sustained no damage whatever to her hull or machinery in performing her engagement with the Government, and only requires scrubbing and painting to look as good as new.


Source: The Daily Picayune, August 27, 1845, p. 2, col. 1.



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