August 24, 1845 - Article 1


Since the departure of the Artillery Volunteers for the State of Texas, the city has again relapsed into its previous dullness.  The volunteering for the four regiments of infantry and riflemen is going noiselessly but briskly on.  The thunderstorm and rain of Friday evening, somewhat purified the atmosphere and abated the intense heat – the weather is warm and sultry enough for any body’s business.  This would seem to be the general impression, too, for not a soul has remained in the city, excepting those whose presence business renders indispensably necessary; we question much however if many of them, like the man who would not stop in purgatory, may not go farther and fare worse.  Whatever be the difficulties or inconveniences to which we are subjected, we can congratulate ourselves on the continued good health of the city; and although it may be accounted premature to crow, yet many are sanguine that the destructive breath of pestilence will not corrupt our atmosphere this season.  So mote it be.


The “Lone Star Guard” was organized last evening in the Third Municipality, and attached to the regiment of Louisiana Volunteers.  They will parade with the regiment this morning, according to orders.


Our readers hardly need to be reminded that the Volunteers are to be reviewed this morning in Lafayette Square, by Major Gen. Gaines.  We anticipate a showy and enthusiastic turn out on the occasion.


Source: The Daily Picayune, August 24, 1845, p. 2, col. 1.


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