August 10, 1845




Army Movements.  — The steamboat Missouri brought down yesterday companies C and D of the 4th Infantry.  They are from Fort Scott, on the Missouri, but last from Jefferson Barracks.  They were under the command, as far down as St. Louis, of brevet Major Graham, Capt. McCall, Lieuts. Hollaway, Hoskins and Cochran, but upon the arrival here the officers in command were reported to be Brevet Major Graham, and Lieuts. Charles Hoskins, R. E. Cochran, and B. A. Berry.  The same boat brought down a detachment of recruits from Jefferson Barracks, under command of Lieut. Gore.  The whole body, 146 in number, were landed at the Barracks below the city.  They are on their way to join the forces already in Texas.  If the accredited estimates of the Mexican forces be nearly accurate, and we do not doubt that they are, it would not be hazardous to entrust the settlement of our difficulties with Mexico to those of our troops which will shortly be concentrated on the Western frontier of Texas.


Source: The Daily Picayune, Sunday, August 10, 2845.




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