August 1, 1845




       March of the Second Dragoons. ----  The 2d regiment of U. S. Dragoons, under Col. Twiggs, took up the line of march for Texas from Natchitoches on the 25th ult. – last Friday.  The Chronicle says that they are to be stationed in San Antonio de Bexar, and we would remark that a more healthy or beautiful location could hardly be found.  We would give a tolerably good horse to see the dragoons, with Cioffi’s band in advance, ride past Flores’s Rancho on the Guadalupe, and afterwards enter the old and romantic town of San Antonio.  Will there not be excitement among the Mexican portion of the population of a place that has stood some half dozen sieges within the last ten years, and which has been alternately in possession of the Texans and their own people?  We shall look for an account of their entry with interest.


Source:  The Daily Picayune, August 1, 1845.




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