Names of the non-commissioned officers, musicians, artificers, and privates of the United States army, killed

and wounded (and who died of wounds received) in the battles of “Palo Alto” and “Resaca de la Palma,” on the

8th and 9th of May 1846.


          Names    Rank Regiment Letter Age State, empire, Town, county, Trade or Killed  Wounded  Died of
William Athatron Private 2d dragoons of Co. 30 or province or province occupation  in action in action wounds
Patrick Malony     Do        Do      B 30 England Laborer 9-May
Lewis H. Tucker     Do        Do      B 27 Ireland Limerick Butcher 9-May
John Hartman Sergeant        Do      B 30 Vermont Windsor Soldier 9-May
Edward Downey     Do        Do      D 22 N. Hamphire Gilmanton Seaman 8-May
William Davidson Private        Do      D 25 Ireland Dublin Clerk     Do
Philip Flickinger     Do        Do      D 21      Do Queens Turner 9-May
George Gardner     Do        Do      D 22 Germany Shoemaker     Do
Lazarus Knepp     Do        Do      D 18 Ireland Donegal Laborer 8-May
Edward Milon     Do        Do      D 30 Pennsylvania Mifflin Musician     Do
James McNabb     Do        Do      D 17 New York New York Soldier     Do
John D. Muley Sergeant        Do      D 30 Ireland Tyrone Musician 9-May
George Bates Private        Do      E 33 France Rouen Soldier     Do
Thomas L. Cantwell     Do        Do      E 31 Germany     Do 9-May
James Manning     Do        Do      E 23 Pennsylvania Huntingon     Do    Do
Frederick Papa     Do        Do      E 24 New Jersey Peterson Tailor    Do
Charles Wilson     Do        Do      E 26 Germany Wagonmaker    Do
Abel Watkinson     Do        Do      E 26 England Soldier    Do
James Martin Artificer  1st artillery      E 25 New Jersey Pemberton Coachmaker 9-May
Gilbert Dudley Musician        Do      B 14 Ireland Limerick Soldier 8-May 19-May
John Kelly Private        Do      D 24 New Jersey Newark Musician     Do
Richard W. Henry Corporal        Do      D 22 Ireland Dublin Carpenter     Do
David Miller Artificer        Do      E 27     Do      Do Clerk     Do
Hermon Wallender Sergeant 2d artillery      E 27 New York Cayuga Farmer     Do
Robert F. Cones Artificer        Do      A 28 Sweden Gottland      Do     Do
Samuel Stanley Private        Do      A 26 New York Rensselaer Carpenter     Do
John Watson     Do        Do      A 27     Do New York Stonecutter     Do
Jonathan Eichler Sergeant        Do      A 29 Scotland Edinburgh Soldier     Do
Nathan E. Green Corporal        Do      K 28 Connecticut New London      Do 9-May 5-Jun
Frederick Dwyer Private        Do      K 21 Pennsylvania Lancaster Laborer 9-May
Owen Hawkins     Do        Do      K 29 New York Gettysburg Butcher 9-May
Philip Swartwout Corporal 3d artillery      K 22 Ireland Soldier 9-May
Samuel Herl Private        Do      C 22 Germany Baden      Do     Do
James Morgan      C Ohio Fayette Hewer     Do
William Mortimore      Do 3d artillery      C 25 Massachusetts Boston Seaman 8-May
John Torick      Do        Do      C 22 Maryland Baltimore Farmer 9-May
Robert Garns Corporal        Do      C 36 Germany Hanover Soldier     Do
William Fuller Sergeant 4th artillery      E 22 Pennsylvania Chambersburg Coach trim’r     Do
George Carlton Corporal        Do      I 21         Do Pittsburg Laborer 8-May 9-May
Matthew Nidy Artificer        Do      I 27 New York Geneva Soldier 8-May
Arthur Conway Private        Do      I 21 Ohio Licking Laborer 9-May 10-May
John Forsyth      Do        Do      I 38 Maryland Centreville Soldier     Do
Franklin Johnson      Do        Do      I 21 Virginia Long Glade Laborer 8-May 8-May
Frederick Kupper      Do        Do      I 22       Do Hanover Farmer 9-May
Felix Reed      Do        Do      I 23 Pennsylvania Lancaster Shoemaker 8-May
Charles Marsland Serg’t maj        Do      I 21 New York Lewiston Laborer 9-May
Charles Cowan Sergeant 3d artillery F & s. 33 England Nottingham Soldier 9-May
Henry Christian Private        Do      A 21 Pennsylvania Lycoming Cabinet mak’r      Do
John Mallen      Do        Do      B 23 Saxe Weimer Weimer Farmer      Do
Peter Foucha Sergeant        Do      E 22 Ireland Monaghan      Do      Do
William Latham Private        Do      G 22 Spain Barcelona Soldier      Do
George Chisholm     Do        Do      G 33 New York New York Rulemaker      Do
John F. B. Richardson     Do        Do      H 37 Scotland Selkirk Soldier 9-May
Robert Mather     Do 4th infantry Band 31 New York New York Leather dres’r      Do
William H. Mason     Do        Do      B 24 Scotland Sutherland Soldier 9-May
Richard Eldridge     Do        Do      B 23 Pennsylvania Lancaster Shoemaker      Do
Robert Helden     Do        Do      D 22        Do Philadelphia Laborer      Do 10-Jun
Orlando Pierce     Do        Do      D 33 Ireland Longford Soldier      Do
John Spolen     Do        Do      D 29 Vermont Chelsea Stonecutter 9-May
Philip Lee     Do        Do      D 23 Ohio Montgomery Cabinet mak’r      Do
John Malloy     Do        Do      E 27 Ireland Laborer 8-May
John Weeks     Do        Do      F 30 New York Scheneciady Soldier      Do
Daniel McCarthy     Do        Do      G 26 Georgia Augusta      Do 8-May
Elisha Buel Sergeant        Do      K 24 Ireland Cork      Do 9-May
John B. Doorley      Do 5th infantry      A 31 Vermont Woodbury      Do 9-May
James Farrell Private        Do      A 26 Maryland Baltimore Tailor 9-May
Isaac Hendrickson      Do        Do      A 21 Ireland Laborer      Do
Patrick Lynch      Do        Do      A 21 Ohio Butler Carpenter 9-May
John M. Mayhew      Do        Do      A 33 Ireland Soldier      Do
Peter Green Corporal        Do      A 21 Canada      Do 9-May
Abraham Albertson Private        Do      B 23 Ireland Stokestown Laborer     Do
William Clark      Do        Do      B 33 New Jersey Salem Soldier      Do 11-May
John McCauly      Do        Do      B 28 Ohio Painsville Laborer 9-May
John Greer Sergeant        Do      B 22 New York Kings Machinist      Do
Private        Do      C 26 Ohio Butler Soldier 8-May
Abraham Vanderhoff Sergeant 5th infantry      C 30 New Jersey Essex Soldier 9-May
George C. Keitel Corporal       Do      C 23 Saxony Shoemaker 8-May
Henry Berrett Private       Do      C 22 Ireland Donegal Laborer 9-May
Louis De Ray     Do       Do      C 32 Belgium Farmer     Do
John Nixon     Do       Do      D 28 Ireland Cavan Soldier 9-May
Francis Smith Corporal       Do      E 28     Do     Do Tailor     Do
Samuel Bostwick Private       Do      E 23 New York Webster Clerk 9-May
Andrew Boyd     Do       Do      F 21 Ireland Derry Laborer 8-May
Jacob Peters     Do       Do      F 32 Germany Prussia Farmer 9-May
James Thompson     Do       Do      F 23 Dist. Of Col. Washington Clerk 9-May
Patrick White     Do       Do      F 35 Ireland Soldier 9-May
Benjamin Stokely Corporal       Do      G 23 Pennsylvania Franklin      Do    Do 10-May
William F. Parker Private       Do      G 32 New York Albany      Do    Do
John C. L. Vetler     Do       Do      G 23 Virginia Richmond Laborer    Do
James A. Ryan Corporal       Do      H 31 Ireland Dublin Chandler    Do
Michael Supple Private       Do      H 24      Do Limerick Shoemaker 8-May
August Stratmeyer      Do       Do      H 28 Germany Bremen Soldier 9-May
Nicholas Schumacher      Do       Do      H 32 Belgium Laborer    Do 27-May
William Hufman      Do       Do      I 21 New York Steuben       Do 8-May
George Scott      Do       Do      I 26 Connecticut New London Printer 9-May
John T. Fisher      Do       Do      K 22 Delaware Wilmington Tailor    Do
Hugh Malone      Do       Do      K 21 New York New York Laborer    Do
James McIntyre      Do       Do      K 28 Pennsylvania Montgomery       Do    Do
John Winterhalter      Do       Do      K 32 Germany Baden Baker    Do
Theodore Frick Serg’t maj 8th infantry F & s. 29        Do Brunswick Soldier    Do
John Fisher Private       Do Band 34        Do Pilsen       Do 8-May
John Anderson Sergeant       Do      A 27 Maryland Washington       Do 9-May
Avery Brown Private       Do      A 25 Connecticut Stonington Painter    Do
Henry A. Carpenter      Do       Do      A 29 Pennsylvania New Holland Carpenter 8-May
George Craiten      Do       Do      A 26         Do Indiana Soldier 9-May
Gilbert Churchill      Do       Do      A 21 Connecticut Hartford Laborer    Do
Cearne Dolan      Do       Do      A 21 New York Cold Spring       Do 8-May
Elijah Andrews Sergeant       Do      B 37 Connecticut Litchfield Soldier 9-May
Robert H. Crismond      Do       Do      B 25 Virginia King George       Do 9-May
James McMullen Corporal       Do      B 35 Ireland Kings       Do 9-May
John H. Beatty Private       Do      B 20 New York Albany Laborer    Do
Henry Farrell      Do       Do      B 23        Do Chenango Farmer    Do 31-May
Roger Griffin      Do       Do      B 24 Ireland Galway      Do 9-May
Edward Kinneford      Do       Do      B 25       Do Tipperary Soldier 8-May
John G. Gallagher Sergeant       Do      C 32       Do Dublin      Do 9-May
Alfred Humphries Corporal       Do      C 32 North Carolina Camden      Do     Do
Adam Anthony Private 8th infantry      C 31 Pennsylvania Lancaster Laborer 8-May 8-May
John W. Bailey     Do      Do      C 29 Virginia Richmond Soldier      Do
Thomas Burk     Do      Do      C 29 Ireland Tipperary Laborer      Do
Richard W. Wilferton     Do      Do      C 30     Do Farmanagh     Do      Do
Thomas Wills Sergeant      Do      D 18 Kentucky Flemings Blacksmith 9-May
John Cantwell Private      Do      D 25 Ireland Kings Farmer      Do
Newell Guild     Do      Do      D 22 Massachusetts Walpole Machinist      Do
Edward Hamersly     Do      Do      D 26 Ireland Tipperary Soldier 9-May
Nicholas Lyttle     Do      Do      D 32     Do Louth     Do      Do
John Flannery     Do      Do      E 23     Do Galway Shoemaker      Do
James McCormick     Do      Do      E 22     Do Longford Farmer      Do
James McCafferty     Do      Do      E 21     Do Donegal     Do      Do
August Sillingsloh     Do      Do      F 23 Germany Verden Servant      Do
Adolphus Ane Sergeant      Do      G 37     Do Hanover Soldier      Do
William Townsend      Do      Do      G 22 Pennsylvania Washington Laborer 9-May
Lewis W. Hunt Corporal      Do      G 26 New York Milford Soldier     Do
George W. Anthony Private      Do      G 28 New Jersey Newark     Do      Do
Joel Havens      Do      Do      G 27 Ohio Dayton     Do      Do
James Wallace      Do      Do      G 21 Ireland Belfast Farmer      Do 19-May
John Walden      Do      Do      G 26     Do Mayo Laborer      Do 15-Jun
James Loyd Musician      Do      H 21 Ohio Cleveland Seaman 8-May
William J. Haddix Private      Do      H 29 Virginia Frederick Soldier 9-May 6-Jun
William Lewis      Do      Do      H 28 Pennsylvania Armstrong Laborer 8-May 11-Jun
John Maloney      Do      Do      H 30 Ireland Cork Soldier      Do
Patrick Malone      Do      Do      H 24     Do Wexford Farmer 9-May
Alexander Clacker      Do      Do      I 34 Scotland Sterlingshire Soldier 8-May
Michael Dolan      Do      Do      I 30 Ireland Leitrim     Do      Do
Harrison Hart      Do      Do      I 21 Pennsylvania Lancaster Laborer 9-May 10-May
James Holmes      Do      Do      I 27 Scotland Lamarkshire Weaver 8-May
John Long      Do      Do      I 25 Pennsylvania Dauphin Soldier 9-May
James R. Murray      Do      Do      I 29 Connecticut Bridgeport     Do 8-May 14-Jun
William Sandys      Do      Do      I 25 Ireland Longford Farmer      Do
John Williams Sergeant      Do      K 29 England Haverford Carpenter 9-May
Henry Francis Private      Do      K 26 Ireland Laborer 8-May 8-May
James Farmer      Do      Do      K 26     Do Leitrim      Do 9-May
James Patten      Do      Do      K 25 Virginia Richmond Soldier 8-May 26-Jun
Ephraim White      Do      Do      K 22 Pennsylvania Somerset Saddler     Do

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