Zachary Taylor


While doing some grading on the site occupied by Gen. Taylor's army as a camp in 1843, Edward Brendan dug up a broad bladed knife of a large and ancient pattern, resembling a modern cheese knife.  Mr. Brennan is certain it is a relic of Taylor's army.  He thinks it was a bread knife.  Mr. Brennan is also the possessor of an unexploded bombshell which was fired into the city by the federal gunboats at the time of the Yankee bombardment in 1863.  He will send both these relics to the state historical museum at Austin.


Source: Corpus Christi Weekly Caller, December 1, 1911, p. 5, col. 2


Research by:  Msgr. Michael A. Howell

Transcription by:  Geraldine D. McGloin, Nueces County Historical Commission

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