Was With Taylor at Corpus


Geo. W. Peyton, of Heidelberg, aged 95 years, a hero of two wars, was in Laurel in attendance of the reunion.  Mr. Peyton was in the Mexican war, having served in the Jefferson Davis regiment.  He was also in the civil war.  His wife who still survives is 90 years of age.  Laurel, Miss., Ledger.


This writer is acquainted with "Uncle George" Peyton and when a boy recalls many of his reminiscences of the Mexican War.  He is one of the Virginia Peytons, and a descendant of one of the early colonists of that state.  He recalls the topography of Southwest Texas distinctly though he has not seen it since 1848.  In conversation with the writer, this summer, he corrects the statement that the embankments, the remains of which are still to be seen near the reef at Corpus Christi, were constructed by the Americans.  They were not, he says, constructed the Mexicans, who fled when Taylor's fleet appeared in Corpus Christi bay. Uncle George participated in all the battles of Taylor's army, and afterwards was sent to join Scott's command at Jalapa.


The barbarity of the Mexicans too ---------- unspeakable, any straggling Americans being slain and their bodies mutilated in the most fiendish manner.  This naturally caused retaliation on the part of the Americans, especially the Texans under Jack Hayes.  Speaking of this he relates an instance of a German in Hayes command killing a Mexican family and when shamed for killing children shrugged his shoulders and replied, "By dams don't nits made fleas"---Beeville Bee


Source: Corpus Christi Caller, October 7, 1904, p. 2, col. 2


Research by:  Msgr. Michael A. Howell

Transcription by:  Geraldine D. McGloin, Nueces County Historical Commission

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