1186…….(Born Va.)                              Lewis Neill                            (Ap’d Va.)……20


                Military History. – Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1839, to July 1, 1843, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Bvt. Second Lieut., Rifles, July 1, 1843.

Second Lieut., 2d Dragoons, Dec. 15, 1843.

                Served:  on frontier duty at Ft. Jesup, La., 1844-45; in Military Occupation of Texas, 1845-46; in the War with Mexico, 1846-47, being engaged in the Siege of Vera Cruz, Mr. 9-29, 1847, -- and in the Skirmish

(Bvt. First Lieut., Mar. 25, 1847, for Gallant and Meritorious Conduct in the Affair at Medellin, Mex.)

Of Medellin, Mar. 25, 1847, where he was severely wounded, -- and as Adjutant, 2d Dragoons, July 27, 1846, to Dec. 20, 1847; on Recruiting

(First Lieut., 2dDragoons, Dec. 20, 1847)

service, 1847; at the Cavalry School for Practice, Carlisle, Pa., 1843; and on frontier duty on March from Ft. Brown to Ft. Croghan, Tex., via San Antonio, Tex., 1848-49, -- and Ft. Coghan, Tex., 1849-50.

Died, Jan. 13, 1850, at Ft. Corghan, Tex.:  Aged 26.

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