164………(Born Va.)           William M. Graham       (Ap’d D. C.)


          Military History. – Cadet at the Military Academy, June 11, 1813, to July 17, 1817, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Third Lieut., Corps of Artillery, July 17, 1817.

Second Lieut., Corps of Artillery, Sep. 30, 1817.

          Served:  on Recruiting service, 1818-19; in constructing a Military Road through

(First Lieut., Corps of Artillery, Aug. 11, 1819)

Mississippi, 1819-20; in garrison at the Bay of St. Louis, La., 1820-21, -- and at Pensacola, Fla., 1821-22;

(Transferred to 8th Infantry, Oct. 20, 1820)

(First Lieut., 4th Infantry, in Re-organization of Army, June 1, 1821)

on Commissary duty at New Orleans, La., 1824-25; on leave of absence, 1825-27; in garrison at Cantonment Clinch, Fla., 1827-28, -- and Ft. Brooke, Fla., 1828-29; in Superintending repairs of Military

(Bvt. Captain, Aug. 11, 1829, for Faithful Service Ten Years in one Grade)

Road from Ft. Brooke to the Seminole Agency, Fla., 1829-30; in garrison at Ft. Brooke, Fla., 1830-32, -- and Ft. King, Fla., 1832-35; in the Florida War against the Seminole Indians,

(Captain, 4th Infantry, Apr. 4, 1832)

1835-36, 1837, 1837-38, being engaged in the Combat of Withlacoochee, Fla., Dec. 31, 1835, where he

(Bvt. Major, Dec. 31, 1835, for Gallantry and Good Conduct

in the Affair of the Withlacoochee, Fla.)

was severely (twice) wounded, -- Combat at Oloklikaha, Mar. 31, 1836, -- and Battle of Okee-cho-bee, Dec. 25, 1837; on Recruiting service, 1838-40; in the Florida War, 1840; on frontier duty at Ft. Gibson, I. T., 1840-41; in the Florida War against the Seminole Indians, 1841-42, being engaged in the Rout of Halleck Tustennuggee’s Band in the Big Hammock of Pilaklikaha, Apr. 19, 1842; on frontier duty at Ft. Scott, Kan., 1842-45; in Military Occupation of Texas, 1845-46; in the War with Mexico, 1846-47, 1847-48, being engaged in the Battle of Palo Alto, May 8, 1846, -- Battle of Resaca-de-la-Palma, May 9, 1846, --

(Major, 2d Infantry, Feb. 16, 1847)

Battle of Monterey, Sep. 21-23, 1846, -- Siege of Vera Cruz, Mar. 9-29, 1847, --

(Lieut.-Colonel, 11th Infantry, Apr. 9, 1847)

Battle of Contreras, Aug. 19-20, 1847, -- Battle of Churubusco, Aug. 20, 1847, -- and Battle of Molino del Rey, Sep. 8, 1847, where with conspicuous gallantry, in an assault of the enemy’s works, he was

Killed, Sep. 8, 1847:  Aged 49.*


*Although twice wounded, he continued to act with his habitual energy and daring, until eight more bullets had pierced him, and his horse had received five, when, dismounting amid a shower of bullets (apparently aimed at him), he, composedly as on parade, with his dying breath, shouted to his men:  “Charge on those fellows – charge.”

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