1075……….(Born Vt.)         Sewall L. Fremont*        (Ap’d N. H.)…..……17


          Military History. – Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1836, to July 1, 1841, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to

Second Lieut., 3d Artillery, July 1, 1841.

          Served:  in garrison at Ft. Columbus, N. Y., 1841; in the Florida War, 1841-42; in garrison at Ft. Morgan, Ala., 1842, -- and Ft. Johnston, N. C., 1842-44, 1844-45; in Military Occupation of Texas, 1845-46; in the War with Mexico, 1846, being engaged in the Battle of Palo Alto, May 8, 1846, -- and Battle of Resaca-de-la-Palma, May 9, 1846; in garrison

(First Lieut., 3d Artillery, May 11, 1846)

at Ft. Moultrie, S. C., 1846; at the Military Academy, as Asst. Professor of Geography, History, and Ethics, Sep. 4 to Nov. 28, 1846; on Quartermaster duty at Washington, D. C., 1846-47; in mustering North Carolina Volunteers, 1847; on Quartermaster duty at Ft. Monroe,

(Captain, Staff – Asst. Quartermaster, Mar. 3, 1847, to Feb. 19, 1849)

Va., 1847, -- Detroit, Mich., 1847-48, -- Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1848-49, -- and with Surveying party on Boundary Line between the United States and Mexico, 1849; in garrison at Ft. Adams, R. I., 1849, -- Ft. Trumbull, Ct., 1849-50, -- and Ft. Adams, R. I., 1850-51, 1851-52; on Recruiting service, 1852; as Quartermaster, 3d Artillery, Mar. 6, 1852; to Aug. 5, 1854, -- at Ft. Adams, R. I., 1852-53, -- and on voyage to California, 1853-54, when, on being wrecked, Dec. 24, 1853, in the transport steamer San Francisco, was compelled to return to New York.

Resigned, Apr. 5, 1854.

          Civil History. – Asst. Engineer in the service of the United States on the Improvement of the Cape Fear River, N. C., 1854.

          Joined in the Rebellion of 1861-66 against the United States.


          Civil History. – Chief Engineer and Superintendent of Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, 1854-71; and of the Wilmington, Charlotte, and Rutherford Railroad, 1870-76.  Rice Planter, near Wilmington, N. C.,1877-78.  Architect and Superintendent of the North Carolina Asylum for Colored Insane, near Goldsborough, 1878.  Assistant Engineer, in the service of the United States, on the Improvement of Savannah River, 1878.  City Surveyor of Wilmington, N. C., 1880-81.  Architect, in the service of the United States, at Memphis, Ten., Jan., 18-, to 1886.

Died, May 1, 1886, at Memphis, Ten.:  Aged 63.


*Named Sewall L. Fish when he was graduated.

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